I love creating training experiences so impactful that the learned message carries forward to others. Watching people’s “wheels turn” is exciting to me .  . . and when the person smiles because they have grasped a new concept . . .  that is a picture perfect moment!


My goal is to create win-win situations for Employers and Employees.  Like a blender, I take all the required elements and swirl them together into a memorable event! The Employer is happy because the required elements are sustainably retained. The Employee is happy because the training is invigorating, exciting, and motivating.
 Engaging Presentations + Sustainable Messaging = Collaborative Growth
 There is nothing better than seeing people laughing and having fun while they learn. And it is even more impressive seeing people invest in, follow, talk about, and teach others about the learning they have just experienced. This creates more learning experiences . . . and the learning moves forward.  Let’s change our minds about the lecture style presentations that used to be. The days of losing 80% of training information in two days is over. Retention of 80% is a goal worth investing in.